Abu Dhabi Dialogue: 2009

The Abu Dhabi Dialogue Group (ADDG) members joined an International Waters Joint Learning course that took place in February 2009 in Washington, DC. The program focused on managing the challenges of transboundary waters, negotiation techniques, international water law, economics, and hydro-diplomacy.

The 4th Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD4) on “Practical Steps to Achieving a Knowledge-Based Partnership of States” was held in 2009 in Abu Dhabi. To promote collaborative research in the region, ADDG members engaged in discussions ranging from the preliminary identification and design of studies, to examples of state-of-the-art regional hydro-met technologies, to the structure and direction of the Abu Dhabi Knowledge Forum and its Small Grants Program.

At the close of the ADD4, it was agreed that greater data sharing could help to catalyze further regional cooperation. ADDG members suggested that the possibility of developing a regional hydro-met system should therefore be explored.

Resources: Materials and presentations from the ADD4

The Abu Dhabi Knowledge Forum: Looking Ahead

Global Experiences to envision a Cooperative Hydromet System

Institutionalizing a Dialogue: the range of experience

The Spatial and Technological Context for Cooperative Action

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